Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery in India

Vaginal cosmetic surgery is done by men who are transgender. Trans men who want to undergo complete transformation into women seek this surgery. Many just get done with a hormonal transformation. But there exists a huge chunk of people who seek complete transformation that includes complete transformation of the genitals.

MTF vaginoplasty is a male to female changing sex change procedure. In this very procedure the penis is converted into a functional vagina and vulva.

In this surgery it is made sure that vagina gets secretory, flexible, hairless and pink, approximately 4″ in depth and about 1-1.5″ in diameter. Doctors ensure that it has erogenous sensation too and a urethra that enables urination while sitting.

Clitoroplasty is a part of vagina surgery. It involves surgically constructing a neoclitorisfrom tissue taken from the top side of the glans penis. This organ provides sexual sensation and also the ability to orgasm. The penis is completely destroyed in this very procedure. It only creates the clitoris and the rest of the vulva is created by labiaplasty. Then the internal vaginal canal is created by vaginoplasty. Proper consultation with doctors is a must here. This surgery is on the risky side. One may end up suffering from serious complications if in case these surgeries do not turn out to be well executed.

Vaginal cosmetic surgery is also carried out for cosmetic reasons. Some women end up having discomfort with their vaginal functionality. In order to enhance their sexual endeavours certain women go for vaginal tightening or making alteration in the clitoris. Due to child birth or trauma the sexual drive of certain women lessens. So, they go for this very surgery to enhance their sexual drive.

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