Sex Reassignment Surgery in India

Sex reassignment surgery is carried out by trans people. There are certain people identified as the third gender who do not feel comfortable in the body that they are born in. Thus, they seek a transformation. This transformation points to bodily transformation. A male thus ends up surgically getting a female’s body and a female that of a male. There exists two types of sex reassignment surgeries namely male to female and female to male.

In a male to female sex reassignment surgery, the penis of the man is shaped in the form of a vagina. This is done after hormone therapy. It is not compulsory to change the genitals. But there are people who look for a complete transformation. In addition to this other characteristic female body parts like breast implants and buttock implants are also done. Then the facial features are also changed. Sharp and crisp yet delicate female features are designed. A series of surgeries are done to get female like genitals. A functional vagina is made which is erogenous. Then a clitoris is also designed. These surgeries are risky and should be carried out by certified professionals.

In case of a female to male surgery to female surgery a hormone therapy is done first too. Then if the female wishes to get a phallus then a separate surgery is done of this purpose. Then reduction or removal of breasts is done. Many a changes start showing just after the hormone therapy. So, consult a doctor before going for surgeries concerned with creation of a phallus. These are risky procedures and need to be talked through well before being executed.

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