Having large and out of proportion breasts can cause both physical and psychological harms to a woman. Our Doctors  in India hold expertise in performing breast reduction surgery and many women have changed their life for better by availing of our service to date. If you face any of the following symptoms owing to the size of your breasts, you can visit us for breast reduction surgery in India.

  • Backache
  • Neck pain
  • Painful rashes, sweating and even infections under the breasts
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty in exercising or taking part in sports
  • Unwanted attention or harassment
  • Self-consciousness (for example, clothes don’t fit properly)
  • Depression

Many women are not happy with their excessively large and out of proportion breasts. They feel discomfort and also embarrassed because of this. In this scenario, going for breast reduction surgery is the only way out to claim a perfect body and self-esteem. Some women, who face problem because one of their breasts is larger than the other, also opt for the surgery. You need to be both physically and mentally fit and in good health before going for a breast reduction surgery. You should also be practical with your expectations, and must understand that the procedure has limitations. If your breasts are not that large and still you want to get them reduced, you need to keep in mind the kind of potential scarring that may be caused by the surgery. You breasts may not look as pleasing as they looked earlier in this case.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery (Mammoplasty)

Breast reduction surgery changes a woman’s personality for good and makes them feel more confident about themselves. You will be an owner of smaller and fitter breasts post surgery. You will develop some scarring, but it will fade over 12 to 18 months. A breast reduction surgery is also known to have been helpful in getting rid of ailments including backache, neck pain and painful rashes that are a result of excessive sweat gathering under the breasts. Smaller breasts improve your posture and make it easier for you to take part in sports, besides giving a fillip to your self-confidence.

Are you a candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery in India is a harmless and effective way for women with large and heavy breasts to achieve small and attractive breasts. The surgery gives women freedom from physical pain, uneasiness, bra strap indentations and skin irritation caused by large breasts, besides giving them a perfect body image. Women, who face of any of the below mentioned problems, are a candidate for a breast reduction surgery:

  1. Out-of-proportionate large breasts that don’t fit to your body frame
  2. Heavy and hanging breasts with drooping nipples
  3. When one of your breasts is larger than the other
  4. When the weight of your breasts causes you pain in back, neck or shoulder
  5. When you feel skin irritation just below breasts
  6. Tight bra straps causing indentation in shoulders
  7. When your physical movement is hampered by heavy breasts
  8. When you feel low on confidence and embarrassed because of your large breasts

Fill the form, book your free consultation & visit one of our doctor and have a round of consultation with him to find out if you are in need of breast reduction surgery.

What should you expect from Breast Reduction Surgery?

At first, you will have a round of consultation with Doctor. You can discuss in detail your expectations and target related to the breast reduction surgery with the doctor. You are also free to ask him anything you want to know about the procedure.

During your first consultation, Doctor will:

  1. Examine your medical history and any ask you about any medications you are taking
  2. Listen to your expectations from and desired results of the surgery
  3. Let you know in detail the surgical procedure and any related procedure
  4. Make recommendations taking into account your needs and goals

How the surgery is performed in India?

The breast reduction surgery is done using general anaesthesia. The technique our doctor use is better than the traditional one and servers following benefits:

  • Causes minimal scar
  • Gives superior breast shape
  • Doesn’t carry greater risk of causing abnormal sensation in the nipples
  • Less possibility of developing blood supply problems to nipples
  • Less loss of blood during surgery
  • Drains are not required
  • You are not required to stay overnight post surgery

Any extra skin, tissue or fat is removed in this technique first. In case breasts are too large and hanging, nipples are repositioned to give them the best cosmetic appearance. New and smaller breasts are formed by making incisions and placing sutures deep within breast tissues to support them. At the end, bandages are used to cover incisions. The entire process takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of surgery needed. One thing that you need to keep in mind that besides removing extra fat and breast tissue, Doctor will carry out liposuction procedure to reshape breast and take out extra fat from the side of chest. This part of chest is not considered belonging to breasts according to government health plan and therefore is not covered under the provincial health plan. However, it is an important procedure for if extra fat is left there, it will look bad. You can be discharged from the hospital after you have woken up following the completion of the surgery. It generally takes around 1-2 hrs for a patient to regain full consciousness after the surgery. You will visit Doctor’s clinic again after a week from the day of surgery for a reassessment. This is important so that the doctor is able to examine your recovery personally, and ensure you don’t face any problem.

The Recovery Process

The surgery gives immediate results, but it will also cause some swelling and bruising that may trouble you for 3-4 weeks. You can use a cold compress that is helpful in reducing the swelling, especially during the first 48-hours. Put in on the affected area for 20 minutes and then take 40 minutes off before doing the same. You may feel some discomfort and pain too.  Doctor will prescribe you some medicine to overcome pain. The complete healing will take around 6 months. Swelling will reduce considerably in a month’s time. You will be provided with a special surgical support bra that you have to wear for 4 to 6 weeks post surgery. As far returning to work or school is concerned, you can do it after one week. But, make sure you do not undertake any strenuous physical activity or lift anything heavy (above 5 pounds, including kids). You can get back to your regular exercise routine in 4 to 6 weeks.

How much does a Breast Reduction cost?

Breast Reduction surgery cost varies depending on specific needs of a patient. The cost covers the entire procedure of surgery, pre and post surgery care. It also gives you a three-year aftercare service. We give you a number of payment options for the surgery. If you find it difficult to pay the entire cost at one go, you can split it into monthly interest free instalments. We have tied with a specialist finance provider to help you get loans and choose interest free credit options. We know that going for breast reduction surgery is not about money. You can  discuss all your concerns during the consultation round. Doctor will address all your concerns.

Breast Reduction FAQs

Will a breast reduction lift my breasts?

Large breasts tend to hang down owing to their weight and nipples droop down as a result. The size and weight of the breasts get reduced during a breast reduction surgery. This gives a woman immediate results with their breasts becoming smaller and fitter.  Breast reduction surgery will make your breasts firm. And of course, they will appear lifted. You can talk about visual aspects of your reshaped breasts with your surgeon before going for the surgery.

Are there age restrictions for breast reduction surgery in India?

People of all age groups can be troubled by pain in back, neck and shoulder due to oversized breasts. However, you need to be at least 18 to get the surgery done at clinic. Before going for breast reduction surgery, you need to be clear regarding the prospect of having children. Breast reduction may make it tough for a woman to breast feed. Therefore, we recommend our patients not to go through breast reduction surgery before having children.

When will I be able to see the results from my breast reduction surgery?

Though the surgery gives immediate results, post-up swelling makes it difficult for you to see them initially. Swelling reduces in a couple of weeks, but it takes up to six months before final results become visible to the hilt. Keep visiting your doctor regularly to get your progress monitored and avoid any complications.

Is breast reduction surgery permanent, will the results last?

Yes, breast reduction surgery gives permanent results and your breasts are likely to have a consistent size for many years. However, you need to know that that a few factors like excessive gain/loss of weight and gravity can affect it.

What will be discussed at my initial breast reduction consultation?

During your initial consultation, you can discuss and get your questions about the procedure addressed by a qualified consultant. You can ask all the relevant questions during this. The consultant will advise you accordingly. Do not be hesitant in sharing your medical history with your consultant for its knowledge is important to determine if you are cut out for the surgery. Bring copies of your medical record including previous surgeries, drug allergies and any past or present medical conditions.  Also discuss your future plans regarding pregnancy and weight loss with your consultant surgeon. The consultant will then let you know in detail any possible risk and complication involved in the procedure.

Where will my breast reduction surgery be performed?

Your breast reduction surgery will be performed at one of our affiliate doctors clinic where, you will receive the highest level of aftercare as well.

Will breast reduction surgery leave visible scars?

Some scars will be caused by the surgery. The extent of scarring varies depending on the type of procedure and place of incision. Scars are, though, positioned in such a way that they remain hidden when you put on clothes. Scars will eventually fade after twelve months. Only some parts of scarring remain visible.

Will I still be able to breast feed following a breast reduction?

Breast feeding becomes difficult post a breast reduction surgery. However, all possible efforts would be made to keep milk producing tissues intact during the surgery. You will be told about risks and concerns related to breastfeeding during your consultation with us.

How will my breast reduction be impacted by future weight loss / gain?

Though the size and shape of your breasts remain consistent for years, gaining/losing too much of weight can cause fluctuations in them. You will be informed about this during your consultation. In case you have any particular weight goals in mind or a query regarding pregnancy, feel free to discuss this with your consultant before the surgery.

Will reduction surgery correct my uneven breasts?

Women, whose one breast is larger than the other, are a good candidate for a breast reduction procedure.  In case there is a significant difference in size of breasts, the surgeon will try to create an even appearance by first having a breast reduction and then reducing the size of the larger breast.

What is a nipple graft?

Nipple graft depends on the amount of tissue that is required to be removed from the breast. After the breast is given the desired size and shape, the nipple is placed in the optimum location and grafted back to where it was.

Will my breast lose sensitivity following a reduction?

In some cases, a breast reduction surgery is known have caused loss of sensation in nipples. You will be informed about potential side effects and recovery steps in detail during your pre-surgery consultation.

Will I be required to have additional surgery following a breast reduction?

Most of the women achieve desired results following the surgery and do not require any further surgery. They continue to relish the comfort that comes with a pair of smaller breasts for years.  Unlike other surgeries where implants are to be replaced after some time, breast reduction has no such obligations. It doesn’t require any follow-up procedure.  Only if you gain or lose too much of weight post a breast reduction, the shape and size of your breasts may change.

Aftercare and Recovery

Mentioned below are the stages of recovery to help you plan for your breast reduction surgery.

Immediately following the procedure

After the completion of the surgery, you will spend two nights at Hospitals and receive our state of the art aftercare and assistance service. For the first 48 hours, your breasts will remain swollen and you may feel some discomfort and pain because of it. Some bruising may also develop. There is nothing to worry, though, as all these situations are normal. We will be there for you all the time. Swelling, bruising and pain will subside within two weeks. Your stitched would also be removed during this period. Before you leave for home, we will guide you as to how you can take care of yourself at home. We will also tell you when you need to come to have your stitched removed. We have a 24/7 patient helpline. You can contact us as and when you want to talk to us about your any of your doubt and condition.

Recovery Period

The recovery varies from one person to another. Your surgeon will tell you how much time you need to stay away from your office or school. Generally, a patient is asked to stay away from their work for at least one week. In some cases, it can be extended up to two weeks too.  You have to wear a well-fitting, non-wired support bra in the beginning. Later, you will be asked to wear a sports bra. You will need to wear it throughout your recover period.

Getting back to normalcy

So, when can you get back to your gym sessions? Well, the rule is that you must stay away from heavy exercise and lifting for six weeks, so that you recover fully. Shun lifting any objects overhead too. If blood pressure rises, it can cause bleeding and therefore, stay away from all kinds of exercise until you have fully recovered. After the recovery, you can see the full results of the surgery. Your scars may still look quite red, but do not worry about it. Scars will fade soon.

Side Effects, Risks and Complications

No surgery is minus risks and breast reduction procedure is no different. It does carry risks of some complications, which are very rare though. We’ll tell you in detail about each and every potential risk before the surgery. You will be also given a Breast Reduction Patient Guide carrying all the information about potential risks of breast reduction surgery. If your mind is filled with any particular concern, please feel free to discuss this with your surgeon.