What is Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)?

Breast lift surgery or Mastopexy refers to a surgical procedure, aimed to change the shape of breasts and give them an uplifted look. The breast uplift surgery features techniques that are used to raise and beautify breasts. The nipples are re-positioned so that they look youthful.

The Benefits of Breast Uplift

Breast uplift, which is also called boob lift in a layman’s language, has several benefits. A number of our patients in India admit that their self confidence increased manifold seeing their breasts becoming firmer and more youthful after the surgery in one of our clinics in India. It is well known that women feel low seeing their breast hanging and bent. Breast uplift will not give them bigger breasts, but it will make their breasts tight and they will feel sexier.

Some of the benefits of a breast lift surgery are listed below:

•    Youthful firmer breasts
•    Increase in confidence and self-esteem
•    Freedom to wear tops without a bra and also try wide range of clothes

Hanging breasts are caused by a number of factors such as, old age, genetics, and pregnancy. A breast lift surgery will help you roll back the years and look youthful again.

Breast Uplift Surgery in India – What the Procedure Involves

Before the surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you your needs and the best surgical procedure fit for you.  The breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery takes around two hours under to complete using general anaesthesia. After the surgery, you will be required to spend one or two nights at one of our Clinics before going home for further recovery.

Many incisions will be made on your breasts to rid skins and tighten them during the surgery. The number of incisions made varies depending on the specific need of a patient.  Made around the areola, generally the incisions run vertically down the breast. However, in some cases, incisions may be made along the crease of the breast. The position of your nipples is changed, and at times, to suit your new breast shape, the areola area around your nipples is reduced.

Am I Suitable for Breast Uplift?

Hanging breasts cause loss of self-confidence in women. If you are facing any of these problems, it’s time you visited us for a breast lift surgery:

  • Your breasts appear drooping and sagging
  • Your breasts are not firm
  • Your nipples are pointed downwards
  • Your breasts have gone through a change in their appearance due to weight loss

Though there is no age bar for breast left surgery, you need to be in good health before going through it. The surgeon will take all decisions regarding your eligibility for the surgery. You must have realistic expectations from the procedure. Keeping your weight balanced will help you enjoy the benefits of the surgery for a longer period of time. If your weight increases or decreases dramatically owing to pregnancy or any other reason, do not forget to consult your surgeon for this will affect results of the surgery.

Combining a breast uplift and an enlargement

Going for breast enlargement surgery alone may lead to sagging breasts owing to gained weight and volume. It is, therefore, recommended to combine breast enlargement with breast uplift for best possible results.  During your consultation, your will be explained the benefits of combining these two methods in detail.

How much does a Breast Uplift surgery cost?

The price for a breast uplift surgery varies depending on the specific needs of persons. The price is inclusive of the entire surgical procedure as well as pre and post surgery care. You also get top-drawer three-year aftercare service without paying anything extra. You will be confirmed the final cost of your surgery during surgical consultation.

Patients gets multiple options to make payment for the surgery. You can pay the whole amount at one go or choose to pay in monthly instalments with zero interest. We understand your financial concerns fully and have therefore tied up with a specialist finance provider to help you get loan and choose interest free credit options as per your specific needs. Please fill the form to know the approx cost of breast lift in India.

We are aware of the fact that the decision to go for breast uplift surgery goes beyond monetary concerns.  Feel free to discuss with doctor every aspect of your surgery during the free consultation session.

Before & After

Like any surgical operation, going for a breast lift surgery involves a major decision, and therefore it is our duty to brief you on each and every aspect of the process, besides helping you find out if it suits you. As explained earlier, results will vary from one person to another. Here we show you some pre and post surgery images of patients. This will help you set your expectations accordingly before going for surgery.

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Disclaimer* – Images are of Models.

Aftercare and Recovery

After Surgery 

You will find that your breasts have swollen and bruised after surgery.  You do not need to worry about it for we will take care of it. You can always contact us if you feel discomfort. The recovery process takes time. It will take your breasts a few months before settling into their new shape. Scars will also fade with time.

We are also going to guide you for your recovery at home after your mastopexy. You will be informed as to how many days of break you need to take from your work (normally, it takes around two weeks for beast to heel), what kind of bra you should sport in the first week and when you can get back to the normal routine.

You will be given a surgical bra that you need to wear for the first 48 hours following the surgery as your breasts require support and compression post surgery. After 48 hours, this bra will be supplanted by a sports bra that you are going to wear till you have fully recovered.

You have to shun all kinds of physical exercises and tough physical activity for four to six weeks. The period of recovery varies from one person to another and, therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of time you need before you resume your exercise and routine work. You must not rush to get back to these things until you have fully recovered. Remember, great things require great patience.

Before leaving for home, you will be given out 24/7 patient helpline number. You can contact us on it whenever you face any problem. Our clinical team is always available to support and advise you. You have to visit our hospital within two weeks of the surgery to get your stitches removed. During this visit, our surgeon will examine you as well.

Side Effects, Risks and Complications

No surgical procedure comes without a risk and breast lift surgery is no different.  Our surgeon will explain to you in detail all the possible risks before you opt for mastopexy.

Some of the side effects and risks of breast lift surgery are listed below:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Anaesthesia’s undesirable effects
  • Loss of sensitivity in nipples
  • Infection
  • Blood loss
  • Scarring Irregularities
  • Mastopexy will keep your breasts firm forever. With old age, breasts may lose some of its firmness.

Our Patient Care Co-ordinator  will give you a breast uplift patient so that you can read everything about the procedures in detail.


Breast Uplift FAQs

How soon will I be able to see the final results of my breast uplift procedure in India?

What is wonderful about breast uplift surgery is that it gives visible results very quickly. You will feel immediate changes right after the breast uplift procedure is over, but you may not be able to see it because of the swelling caused by surgery. As the swelling reduces with time, results will become visible. Normally, it takes between six to twelve months for the final outcome to become complete visible.

Will my breasts suffer a loss of sensitivity following uplift?

Since during the surgery, an incision is made into the skin, you may suffer from the loss of sensitivity in your breasts. It, though, varies from person to person.  Breast tissues are re-shaped during the surgery and because of this, at times, nipples become less sensitive than they were.

Will Breast Uplift leave visible scaring?

Some scarring is caused by breast lift and these scars are for good. However, with time, these scare will fade.  Initially, they appear red, but with over a period of 12 months, they turn light pink. Our surgeon will pull out all stops to ensure scarring is kept to minimum.

Will I be required to have additional surgery to maintain the shape of my breasts following an uplift procedure?

Though a breast uplift surgery has a long lasting impact, over a period of time, because of age and gravity your breasts may lose some of their fullness and firmness. You will be told about these things by your surgeon during your consultation. Like any surgery, you need to have realistic expectations from breast lift procedure too.  But worry not for breast lift ensures many years of firm breasts.

Where will my breast uplift surgery be performed?

Your breast lift surgery will be carried out at one of our Clinics in India based on your convenience. We have a number of hospitals in India to cater to the needs of our India & Abroad patients.

Can I combine Breast Uplift with another breast procedure?

Yes, you can do it. In fact, combining a breast uplift with a breast implant or a breast reduction  is said to have brought desirable results for patients.

What is the recovery time for a breast uplift?

Your breasts will appear swollen and sore after the surgery. We will give you painkillers to control the pain. The recovery process takes time and generally it takes breasts a few months to recover fully.

Will I be able to breast feed following a breast uplift?

If your breasts are fully developed and have stopped growing, you can go for breast lift irrespective of what age bracket you belong to. Women suffering loss of elasticity and volume post childbirth are the most ideal candidate for breast lift, but if you are not happy with the appearance of your breasts at any stage of life, you can consider going for the surgery. Your ability to breastfeed may get affected due to breast lift surgery.